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Spammers need better targeting algorithms

I don’t check this blog’s stats much; my other blog is the one I focus more on these days. Since I just published something here, I decided to clean up the spam. Why would you auto-spam a programming blog, in … Continue reading

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The curious case of the generic complimentary comment. I hate SPAM!

I published this on my other blog yesterday. But it is related to programming in a way, so now it’s published here too. Recently I received this comment to one of my posts: Hello! I’ve been reading your site for … Continue reading

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Stuff that I don’t understand

1. Spam I don’t get it. What good could it possibly do sending rubbish comments with links to blog comments? Surely nobody, besides the most stupid of idiots, would ever fall for that? Or is that the target market? No … Continue reading

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Zoo Tang Bada-Bing Spam Pollen

I hate SPAM. WordPress is getting better, or maybe most of the spammers have given up, but I did get this in my spam-box today: My pores and skin looked a whole lot better as I misplaced Zoo Tang Bada-Bing … Continue reading

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Of all the types of spam comments I hate, those actually deliberately posted by actual human beings, as apposed to spam bots, are the ones I hate the most. That is, posting nonsense links about your very own c# scheduling … Continue reading

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Comment spam can be amusing

The most recent comment spam on this blog: This is a terrific web site, could you be involved in doing an interview regarding how you designed it? If so e-mail me! Notice that the spammer has actually spelled email correctly, … Continue reading

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