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The dark side of SCRUM: Two more things not to say to testers

I had a new year’s resolution to be nice to people, but sadly it didn’t last quite as long as I wanted. Some context: I’ve been working on a debit order system, where files with the banking details and so … Continue reading

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You just can’t win

I don’t get it… Normally our burn-down is more of a burn-up… This time, it’s so well and truly on the line it looks almost like it’s not real – like we did this deliberately! I would have thought it … Continue reading

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What went wrong

I’m writing up how the planning went wrong in our last sprint, because I find it interesting thinking about how it actually went wrong, and what I can do to prevent the same sort of issues in the next sprint. … Continue reading

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What can one do when one’s greatest impediment is one’s SCRUM-Master

I’ve started my new job. Well, started is hardly the right word… I’m part of a SCRUM team of 7 members. It’s been 8 days, and I don’t even have a LAN account; I have no user stories or product … Continue reading

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