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How to get the row index in the client side code of a DataItemTemplate in an ASPxGridView column

This was pissing me off for far too long today. I also have a DataItemTemplate with an ASPxHyperlink control in one of my columns of an ASPxGridView. When the user clicks the hyperlink, I need to call a JavaScript function … Continue reading

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How to force (hack?) kendo-ui grid to display the correct date

We have some grids displaying the data from SQL queries, including dates. But for whatever reason, the time zone is being applied to the date twice. For example, the date is today, at 12PM, and we are using GMT-2, here … Continue reading

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Bootstrap’s modal jQuery dialog doesn’t have to be dismissed when the user clicks elsewhere

We have a Node server running, developed using the express framework and a few other components, all new to me. I’m no Node expert… actually I hate it, and estimate it takes me more than five times longer to develop … Continue reading

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An easy way to print a web modal popup window

In my new job, we are using DevExpress controls quite extensively, and that involves using an ASPxPopupControl. I need to print the contents of a modal popup, and I naively thought… How difficult can it be? It turns out to … Continue reading

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