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Who else modified QBASIC’s NIBBLES to run on Windows 95?

I just read a blog post by Raymond Chen. It’s a  historical post about getting an old MS-DOS game to run on Windows 95… But what really got my attention was one of the comments, where the commenter mentioned a … Continue reading

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I hate SQL. One way of doing a subquery in a JOIN statement

I really do. I’m writing this mostly for myself because I never remember this shit. I wrote this query  now but I know that I won’t remember how to do this in future, so here is the public note to … Continue reading

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When cleanup fails and tells me that I need to run cleanup

Huh? Normally I wouldn’t write a post like this because I don’t have a solution. But this one is just too funny in its own stupid way. Yesterday I needed to commit a simple change to a project, and we … Continue reading

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