My recovery blog is no longer accessible to the public, and never will be again

My recovery blog is no longer going to be publically accessible. I will eventually delete it, but need to retrieve the data from it first. I will be starting another blog, with a somewhat different focus: On recovery, atheism and skepticism. The tagline will be something like “The adventures of a skeptical ex addict in a credulous world”.

There are several posts on that blog that I will reuse on the new one; this is why I can’t delete it yet. Actually, I will probably, after creating the new blog, purchase a redirect upgrade to it, so all requests to the old blog will go to the new one, but the old posts will not be accessible.


About Jerome

I am a senior C# developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am also a recovering addict, who spent nearly eight years using methamphetamine. I write on my recovery blog about my lessons learned and sometimes give advice to others who have made similar mistakes, often from my viewpoint as an atheist, and I also write some C# programming articles on my programming blog.
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