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How to call HttpClient.PostAsync with a query string

This has to be one of the most non-discoverable APIs ever, and annoyed the hell out of me earler today. Hence my posting it here so that others may not have to struggle over something so trivial. All I want … Continue reading

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Dumb searches: EnumWindowProc eats CPU

I normally don’t do these types of post on this blog. I assume the searcher arrived here because of this post where I called that API function years ago… Well well… You are enumerating all the Windows on the machine … Continue reading

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1366×768 is not a resolution you should be using (or targeting), and some ASPxDashboadViewer hackery

Just a rant today… My screen resolution on my work laptop is 1920×1080, but my boss uses 1366×768. That’s a crap resolution. Since he demos the web applications we work on, on his machine, that frequently means that we have … Continue reading

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A nice fake quote CSS “trick” for public WordPress blogs

I have some serious topics I’d like to write about, but they take effort, and I don’t have time for putting effort into blog-writing at the moment. But here’s one little thing that I can share; something that has annoyed … Continue reading

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Quack quack: A somewhat malicious program I wrote many years ago

I was reading The Daily WTF earlier, and came across this image, which reminded me of something… I think it’s an amusing story, at least it is to me, so I tracked down a program I wrote many years ago, … Continue reading

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