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The last chapter about our ex Scrum-Master

Remember the posts I wrote about our ex Scrum-Master, who was with us in the first month of this job? I thought I’d never hear about him again, but he turned up for the last chapter last week, so I … Continue reading

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Reading PSD files with c#

Just about every image viewing application these days has support for Photoshop .psd files, so when I searched for code to read such files in c#, I was surprised that there isn’t a “standard” way of doing so. The code … Continue reading

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Weirdness in Photoshop

I have been using Photoshop since a version so many years ago, I forget which one, but my usage in the past was mostly touching up actual photos, for which I used mostly the cloning brush, and maybe the burn … Continue reading

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Putting it all together – Configurable TaskSchedulers that can be changed by the user at runtime

This will be my last post about TaskSchedulers and TaskFactories. It will be easier to understand this post if you have read my previous entries on implementing a custom TaskScheduler, but that is not a requirement, as all the relevant … Continue reading

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Diving deeper into the TaskScheduler work item pool

Two days ago, I spent my hours of insomnia thinking about the question: Just how parallel is my ParallelTaskScheduler custom TaskScheduler implementation, really? It divides its work items into batches (of Task objects), and then process each batch’s items in … Continue reading

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A sneaky little critter of a bug and I forget to use common sense to debug

Last night, I decided to put my code of late (the custom TaskScheduler and the pattern I’ve come up with using several TaskScheduler implementations) through some more rigorous testing. Imagine my surprise when a nasty bug showed up right away… … Continue reading

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More thoughts on TaskSchedulers and TaskFactories

I would never have expected it, but it seems that in my application, the custom TaskScheduler I came up with the other day actually performs so well that I now use it as the default in most places. That is, … Continue reading

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